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About Us

Welcome to Shubby’s Home and Living!

For our bakery information, kindly refer to our Facebook or Instagram for the weekly menu. 

We are glad you are here! Stay a while, look around and hope you find something that makes you feel right at home. Shubby’s Home and Living is an extension of what we have always love; styling and home deco aside from baking.

We first launched Shubby’s Home and Living with The Jati Series because of the need for timeless, thoughtful and beautiful handcrafted artisan serving wares in an age where most things are easily disposable due to mass production. We wanted something that was made to last; with the understanding of the makers behind them. When everything is handmade from the beginning till the end, not only do artisans have full control of the creative process but also be rest assured that no two pieces are the same. This means that every piece you purchased is uniquely yours.

Designed by us and handcrafted by our artisan friends from Nusantara, we have released a special line up of serving wares specially for your home. Every purchase supports this beautiful craftsmanship and the families of this small community of artisans that we are working with. We sincerely hoped you loved them as much as we and our artisans do, who have poured our love and time into them.

While you are at it, we also have some knick knacks that might just complement your home deco.

With much love
Shubby Sweets Team